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Together for a wild or Delta

We want to make the Oder Delta a wilder place, with more space for nature – with a diverse flora and fauna, natural processes and thriving communities. With your donation, you can support our projects and help bring the rewilding vision to life.


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Here you can give away a donation to Rewilding Oder Delta in just a few steps and thus support our wildlife monitoring through audio recording devices and the associated research. You will also receive a beautiful donation certificate for digital sending or printing at home. Below you can pick your favourite motif in just a few steps, chose a donation amount and receive the certificate directly by e-mail.  

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Here are some animals we can monitor with the audio devices. Pick your favourite!

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Our wildlife monitoring
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Creating a wildlife soundscape 

While our current camera trapping actions in cooperation with the German Institute for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) provide us with a lot of valuable information about the animals around us, some secretive forest-dwellers require more creative approaches to be studied.

Audio recording devices will add another layer of information and allow us to better understand the lives of birds, bats and amphibians. We will also get new insights into more elusive aspects of mammal behaviour: We might hear red deer rutting and bison grunting, informing us about mating activity and dispersal range. 

All these puzzle pieces will enable us to put together a big picture of wildlife in the Oder Delta and plan our activities accordingly.  

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Information on tax and donation receipt 

Rewilding Oder Delta is a non-profit association in Germany. Up to a donation amount of 300 euros per year, the deposit slip from your bank and this simplified donation receipt are valid as proof. For higher donations, we will be happy to issue you with a corresponding donation receipt.


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