About us

About us


Rewilding Europe – an innovative idea and a strong network


The Oder Delta is part of Rewilding Europe’s rewilding network, which aims to implement the concept of rewilding throughout Europe. Rewilding Europe was founded in the Netherlands in 2011.

Rewilding Europe has set itself the goal of securing at least 1 million hectares of land for rewilding in ten areas across Europe. There are already rewilding areas in PortugalSweden, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and Romania as well as the cross-border Danube Delta area shared by Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. The Oder Delta became the eighth rewilding area in 2015.


We are Rewilding Oder Delta


Partner for nature conservation beyond borders


Rewilding Oder Delta e.V. was founded in 2019 as an independent association based in Stolpe an der Peene (Germany). The association emerged from a long-standing cooperation between the organisations Environmental Action Germany, HOP Transnational Netzwork Odra, NABU Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as well as the Polish association of Friends of the Ina and the Gowienica Rivers (TPRIiG) and the Stepnica Tourism Organisation (SOT). Since 2013, nature and tourism enthusiasts have been working together successfully, particularly in the east of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Since its foundation in 2019 the association has initiated numerous projects.

Our philosophy


We link our nature conservation projects with ecologically oriented economic interests. In doing so, we promote the distribution of regional products, nature-friendly tourism, as well as natural and ecological agriculture and forestry. Together, we observe and prevent controversial infrastructure development projects in the region such as the regulation plans for the Oder River or the settlement of mass livestock farms in the still untouched nature areas of the Oder Delta.

Team members

Ulrich Stöcker

Team Leader Germany

Peter Torkler

Team Leader Poland

Frank Götz-Schlingmann

Network Coordinator

Jonathan Rauhut

Rewilding Officer

Andrzej Kałuziński

Climate Solutions Director

Sabine Lydia Müller

Communication Officer

Izabela Skawinska-Luther

Communication Officer for REWILD_DE

Agnieszka Soboń

Communication Officer 

Suleika Suntken

Enterprise Manager

Valerie Hannich

Finance and Administration Manager

Magdalena Urlich

Tourism and Enterprise Officer 

Brit Carlotta Köhler

Rewilding Officer

Wiebke Brenner

Wildlife Comeback Officer

Corinna Winkler

Wildlife Comeback Assistant

Katrin Quiring

Marine & Coastal Ecosystems Officer

Nancy Wolf

Freshwater Ecosystems Officer

Board members

Stefan Schwill

Board chairman

Artur Furdyna

Board member 

Frauke Bennett

Board member 

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