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Brais Palmás / Rewilding Oder Delta

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Are you interested in rewilding and have a passion for wild nature? Help bring our vision to life! Join our social media networks, subscribe to our newsletter, and learn more about rewilding.


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As a stakeholder, you will be part of our partner network. As a partner organisation, you can benefit from our experience and the many rewilding tools to implement successful projects for more nature, together with, and for people.


Are you a journalist, photographer or film maker? Help us spread the word about the story and beauty of the wild Oder Delta. We are looking forward to your ideas and enquiries about media projects.

Nature-based economy

If you live in the Oder Delta region, take part in our events and learn about nature-oriented methods of production. We can also help promote sustainable products from regional entrepreneurs.



As a farmer, you can restore land with us and obtain robust animal breeds for natural grazing. We will support you in developing nature-orientated farming.

Visit the Oder Delta

Do you love nature and like to travel? Then visit the Oder Delta to experience the beauty and biodiversity of the region first-hand. Great nature experiences and regional organic products await you! Learn more about nature tourism in the region.

Job opportunities – Work with us

Job opportunities at Rewilding Oder Delta are posted here. If you are interested in field research projects, internships, and volunteering, please get in touch with us.

We are sorry but current job offers are only available in German.

Wild konik horses in Odry delta reserve, Stepnica, Poland


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