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Lynx comeback to the Oder Delta now supported by the LIFE Programme

June 11, 2024  |  News

2023 was a successful year for lynx reintroduction, with 17 animals released as a part of a long-term collaboration between West Pomeranian Nature Society (ZTP) and Rewilding Oder Delta (ROD), backed by Rewilding Europe’s European Wildlife Comeback Fund (EWCF).

Now, thanks to the approval of the LIFE programme the continued support for the collaborative efforts is secured for the next 5 years. As the project involves organisations from Germany, Poland, and Lithuania, it not only marks a significant chapter in the conservation of lynx populations in the region but also expands the international partner network.

Juvenile lynx release to diversify population genetics in northwest Poland’s Oder Delta

March 21, 2023  |  News

Two juvenile Eurasian lynx – a one year-old female and a one-year old male – have been released into a natural forest area in Western Pomerania, north-western Poland, as part of a long-term reintroduction initiative. In February, a collaboration between the West Pomeranian Nature Society (ZTP) and Rewilding Oder Delta (ROD) saw three animals transported from a German animal park near Hamburg to Dzika Zagroda enclosure facility near Mirosławiec in Poland.

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