Rewilding guided tour at the Siemczyno Palace

May 13, 2024

On 11 May, we joined the 63rd Henrician Cultural Meetings in Siemczyno. Rewilding Oder Delta representatives – Artur Furdyna, hydrobiologist and water ecologist, and Magdalena Urlich, enterprise officer and guide – led an educational walk to show the natural potential of the area around the historic baroque complex.

The guided nature walk in Siemczyno gathered a big group of participants
Agnieszka Soboń / Rewilding Oder Delta

Nature for people  

As a crucial part of rewilding efforts, activities related to “nature for people” include close collaboration with the local community to achieve goals such as education, creating partnerships, supporting local entrepreneurs expanding their regenerative practices, participating in events and promoting rewilding principles.  

The proposal of a guided walk as part of the cyclical cultural meetings was met with great interest from guests and friends of the Henrician Association in Siemczyno – the event organiser. Representatives of local municipal and district authorities were also present. Among others, the newly elected mayoress of Czaplinek, Katarzyna Szlońska-Getka, joined the event.

photo: Henrykowskie Stowarzyszenie w Siemczynie, Agnieszka Soboń / Rewilding Oder Delta

Landscape architecture versus natural retention  

During the walk, we emphasised the importance of the water retention capacity of the landscape and the impact of human interventions on the hydrological balance. The palace ponds – an integral part of Baroque architecture, as well as the drains and ditches that lead water out of the park to nearby meadows – are modifications that have noticeably lowered the water level in the park. 

An important point on the route was a beaver dam built on one of the streams feeding a nearby wetland. Participants were able to observe this exceptional structure and learn about the role of beavers in restoring stable water relations.

photo: Agnieszka Soboń / Rewilding Oder Delta

We ended our walk on a hill, from where we could see the surroundings of the palace and understand the connections between springs, streams, rivers, wetlands and the nearby lake. The site is also particularly interesting because of the opportunity to observe wildlife, especially water birds in the vicinity of wetlands. 

Walk, talk, sing  

The walk was enriched by “musical illustrations” – excerpts from traditional Slavic songs on the themes of water, meadows and harvest, prepared especially for this day by the Czaplinek duo “Zoriuszka“. The songs sung in a white voice matched perfectly with the content of the guided tour and complemented the scientific part.

photo: Agnieszka Soboń / Rewilding Oder Delta

The return to the Palace was a great opportunity to exchange impressions, discuss further cooperation and plan the organisation of similar events in the region, both initiated by Rewilding Oder Delta and the local community.

It could not have been better. The topic is extremely important and was discussed engagingly. I believe that competently conducted environmental education will ensure a peaceful future for all of us. In particular, we should think about the generations of our children and grandchildren so that we do not leave them without water.” – summarised the host of the event, Bogdan Andziak, vice-president of the Henrician Association in Siemczyno. 

Guided nature walk during 63rd Henrician Cultural Meetings in Siemczyno Palace
Agnieszka Soboń / Rewilding Oder Delta

Written by: Magdalena Urlich
Translation from Polish: Agnieszka Soboń

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